Earth Day

Earth  Day 2012
Last week the children were thinking about Earth day.  Previously this year they watched the grade four class perform The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry.  We decided to read the book again.  The children loved listening to the story of the man who fell asleep in the amazon rain forest and was visited by all the beautiful animals that live in a kapok tree.  The children loved looking at the beautiful animals and they clearly understood the message of the story: trees give us oxygen which we need to breathe.

We have noticed on our neighbourhood walks that some areas near our school weren't so clean.  Connar pointed out the litter on our very first walk and asked if we could clean up.  We asked the children what else we should do in honour of Earth day.
This is what they thought:
Ayla, "Don't be a litterbug"
Zane, "Clean the earth"
Kaidyn, "pick up garbage"
Kyle, "Save animals"
Ashton, "Pick up litter"
Devin, "Wear gloves and pick up litter"
Mason, "Pick up litter"
Brenna, "Pick up litter"
Colin, "Save the animals"
Kris, "pick up litter"
Connar, "Clean up the Earth"
Ronin, "Clean up everything in your house"
Isaiah, "Pick up all the litter you can find"
Kayleigh, "Pick up stinky stuff"

That is exactly what we did!  On April 19th we went for a walk near the school and picked up three garbage bags full of litter. Great work, kinder friends!

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