The upside down Rainbow!

On Monday, February 4th we had some amazing things happening on our playground.  It was a very cold day and there was a lot of snow for us to play in.

First thing in the morning we noticed something very special in the sky. As we were getting ready to line up at bell time we noticed a rainbow in the sky. It wasn't an ordinary rainbow.  It was an upside down rainbow.  The children said it "looks like a smile!"  It didn't fall downwards either.  It was a joyful smile in the highest part of the sky.  The colours were not in the usual order for a rainbow-they were in the opposite order!

Upside down rainbows, or 'circumzenithal arcs' as they're properly referred to, are a rare optical phenomenon similar in appearance to a rainbow.  However, their make-up couldn't be any more different.

Unlike common rainbows which form when light reflects through raindrops, mist, or sea spray, a circumzenithal arc develops when ice crystals high up in the atmosphere bounce the rainbow's light rays back up into the sky.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year! 

Welcome back to a brand new year.  It is exciting to welcome the children back to Kindergarten after a refreshing break.  My experience with this age group reminds me that January brings many exciting developments.  The children returned refreshed and rested and ready to face new exciting challenges.  We will witness eager learners who will start reading and writing words all over the classroom and we will watch with excitement as children begin to pick up books and discover, "hey, I can read this!"
The wonderful thing about a new year is that we can make new resolutions and a fresh new start.  We will challenge the children with new goals and new aspirations.  How can you help with our fresh new start?  In the most important way......
As always, thank you for your help and support in your child's education.

You are your child's most important teacher.

O Christmas Tree

One day last week Kayla wanted to draw a Christmas tree.  She thought that having a tree to look at would help her to draw it.  Yesterday we set up our tree in the classroom.  Kayla was so happy to be able to look at a tree for her drawing.  The boys and girls talked about what they would like to hang on the tree:
  • ornaments
  • decorations
  • stars
  • lights
  • candy canes you can eat
  • balls
  • lights
Today we opened some decorations to hang on the tree.  Jada organized the children who wanted to help into a circle.  The boys and girls took turns to hang the decorations.  They hung the ornaments one at a time.  They watched each other carefully.  When someone new joined the fun they explained that they were taking turns.  It was beautiful to watch them work cooperatively together.  After all the store bought decorations were hung they wondered what to do next.  It wasn't long before they were all gathered around in the Art Studio.  They carefully coloured and cut out decorations.  They made little holes in the paper decorations and strung yarn through them to hang.  Hunter made paper candy canes in all different flavours.  Alex made a beautiful star for the top of the tree.  We turned out the classroom lights.  They all ooohed and aaahed at their beautiful efforts.  We will post a photograph for you to see!

Teddy Bear Picnic!

The big day is almost here! Thursday is our Teddy Bear Picnic day.  Please have your child pick out one teddy bear to bring to school.  Your child should come to school in pajamas.  You may wish to send in slippers and a bathrobe.  We will be going on a bear hunt, teaching our bears all about school, having a special snack and reading to our bears.  Thank you for helping your child prepare!

Play-do volunteers

One of the favourite centres this year is the play-do centre.  Your child has maybe told you a little bit about the centre.  Has your child mentioned the pumpkin pie play-do?  That has been a favourite during the month of October. 

The play-do centre is an important piece in your child's development.  Your child is building small muscles in her hand, communicating with friends, sharing play-do tools, using his creativity, and collaborating at this centre. 

As it is a very popular centre we go through a tremendous amount of play-do!  I am looking for volunteers to help make the classroom play-do.  The recipe is simple (flour, salt and water) and takes very little time to make.  If you are able to make a batch once a month please let me know.  Thank you!

Trick or Treat house

The boys and girls have decided to close the fruit and vegetable market.  They have decided that they would like to turn the drama centre into a 'Trick or Treat house'.  We have been reading books to give us some ideas for what we might need.  Yesterday the children came up with this list:
  • candy
  • decorations
  • costumes
  • lanterns
  • scary pumpkins
  • scarecrows
  • pumpkins
  • trick or treat bags
  • super big pumpkin
  • halloween words
  • spiderman costume
  • princess costume
  • vampire costume
They have already begun making various items to put into the trick or treat house.  Today there is a surprise waiting for them in the house!  If you have anything to donate for our trick or treat house, please send it in!

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Tomorrow is our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  Children should arrive at school at the regular time.  The bus will be leaving Rose Seaton at 10:00 AM.  Volunteers are asked to arrive at school at 9:45.  Please come to the classroom to assist with bus line-up.

Parents are reminded to check weather conditions and dress your child accordingly.  As it has been very wet the farm will probably be very muddy.  Rain or snow boots are highly recommended.

The children will be eating lunch on the farm.  We will not be participating in pizza day.  Please keep lunch simple.  Thank you!