To market, to market!

This week our Dramatic play centre is changing! During the month of September the children explored role playing in the familiar setting of a home. They were able to play house while exploring the familiar roles of mummy, daddy, brother, sister, etc. The props consisted of typical things that would be found in a home: kitchen, washer, sink, crib, table and chairs, babies, clothes, dishes, etc. The children used pencils and paper to make grocery lists and leave notes to each other. They were able to read little books about family members and had extensive opportunities to further develop their oral language.

During the month of October we will be connecting the dramatic play centre to our readings and discussions about Thanksgiving and harvest time. The centre is changing into a market where children can explore the roles of farmer, cashier and customer. The children will be sorting, counting and weighing play fruit and veggies. The children will be exploring Canadian coins during role play. The children will use props such as: play fruit, baskets, a cash register, coins, wallets, purses, notepads and pencils to extend and develop their play.

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