Graduation week

I can hardly believe that we are down to our last full week together. It seems like just yesterday that the children lined up for the first time in their new 'big kids' spot. We turned and waved good-bye to you as we entered the SK doors for the first time. Although the time has flown by we have learned and grown so much this year. I am so proud of what the Kinders have achieved this year. They have worked hard; had many adventures and lots of fun! This week we will be reading Junie B. Jones is a Graduation Girl as we prepare for our own graduation ceremony. We will be reflecting back on our year together and all that we've done. On Friday, we will have displays and other special surprises to share with you.

Mahalo! (Thank you!)

The friendship fruit salad was spectacular! Thank you parents for sharing this special day with us. Your contributions were wonderful and the children feasted on the fruit all day. We worked together and made something very special, that was enjoyed by the entire class. Thank you for making it possible.


At the end of High Tide in Hawaii, Jack and Annie realize that they have made friends for life in Boka and Kama. They discover the 'ship' they had been searching for in Hawaii:
To find a special magic,
build a special kind of ship
that rides the waves,
both high and low,
on every kind of trip.
The Senior Kinders have been building their own kind of magic all year long - may they keep these friendships all through school.

Friendship Fruit Salad

Mixing and mixing is what we will do. Working together will see us through! On Friday, June 18th we're planning to make a friendship fruit salad. Please help your child to wash, cut and measure one cup of their favourite fruit. Have your child bring the fruit to school on June 18th as we will be mixing the fruit together to make a friendship fruit salad! Yummy, yummy!

Luau Day

Monday, June 25th is our Luau day. Most of the activities will go ahead regardless of weather. We will be wearing our Hawaiian clothes; dancing to Hawaiian music; playing Hawaiian games and eating our friendship fruit salad. We will make a decision on Monday morning regarding the Water Play Day portion of our day. Weather permitting: please send your child to school with sunscreen, a bathing suit and a towel in a plastic bag

Aloha week!

This week we will continue reading High Tide in Hawaii. On Wednesday we are going to learn a little bit about leis: how they are made and what they signify. Each Kinder will make their own Lei for our Luau day. We will learn about Volcanoes and then we will create our own!

We are growing into Grade One Kids!

During the months of May and June our big idea has been based on the changes that are coming. We have been discussing how a Kinder changes during a school year. We've looked at our tooth book to see how many children have lost teeth; we discussed the birthdays that have past and we've talked about new things that we can do now that we couldn't do in September. We have also been reading a variety of stories dealing with these changes and singing songs about growing.

Our culminating activity based on this big idea begins this week. We are going to start by reading a precious story entitled, Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge. This Mem Fox story tells the tale of a little boy who helps a senior friend get her memory back. Wilfrid shares his memory box with his friend Nancy and as she touches his favourite gems (seashells, a medal) she begins to recall her childhood.
First, we will read the story together and we will talk about what a memory is.
Next, we will look at a collection of photographs from Senior Kindergarten.
Next, we will order the photos from September to June.
Last, I will ask the children to choose their favourite memories from the year.
At home the children will be creating a memory box to share with the class. Further information to follow!

Assessment week

This week your child will be participating in a variety of individual Literacy and Math assessments with Mrs. Thomas. On June 7th and 10th each child will work individually with Mrs. Thomas on a variety of tasks. All information collected will be shared with parents on Term Three report cards. These assessments will chart your child's growth this year. Recommendations for the summer months will come home shortly.


We are beginning our Aloha mini-unit with the story: High Tide in Hawaii by Mary Pope Osborne. We will follow Jack and Annie on their travels and learn about Hawaiian culture and weather. Does your child enjoy listening to Jack and Annie adventures? There are many more books in the Magic Tree House series for your child to discover. These are great books for a lazy summer day!