We are growing into Grade One Kids!

During the months of May and June our big idea has been based on the changes that are coming. We have been discussing how a Kinder changes during a school year. We've looked at our tooth book to see how many children have lost teeth; we discussed the birthdays that have past and we've talked about new things that we can do now that we couldn't do in September. We have also been reading a variety of stories dealing with these changes and singing songs about growing.

Our culminating activity based on this big idea begins this week. We are going to start by reading a precious story entitled, Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge. This Mem Fox story tells the tale of a little boy who helps a senior friend get her memory back. Wilfrid shares his memory box with his friend Nancy and as she touches his favourite gems (seashells, a medal) she begins to recall her childhood.
First, we will read the story together and we will talk about what a memory is.
Next, we will look at a collection of photographs from Senior Kindergarten.
Next, we will order the photos from September to June.
Last, I will ask the children to choose their favourite memories from the year.
At home the children will be creating a memory box to share with the class. Further information to follow!

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