Preparing your child for Kindergarten

The crickets are chirping; the nights are growing cooler; and the school supplies are on display at Wal-Mart.  It must be almost time for back to school!  Your JK child is about to embark on a very exciting adventure: starting school.  You and your child will be filled with different emotions about the big day.  Your child may be wondering...what will I do all day at big school?  Will I have a friend?  What will my teacher be like?  To help transition your child into school consider a visit to the public library or book store.  You will find many titles that will answer your child's questions and help to prepare for the big day.  Here are just a few recommended titles:

Welcome to Early Learning in Mrs. Thomas' room!

Let's Meet the Oxford Reading Tree family!

This year the Kinders will be learning to read using the Oxford Reading Tree series. It is a very popular reading series, used in many different countries. Your child will be introduced to the Oxford Reading Tree family that includes three children and a lovable dog, Floppy. Throughout the year your child will read many different stories with this family. The stories are fun and engaging and involve familiar activities and experiences. You can introduce your child to this family by watching the short video that is attached.