Happy Mother's Day!

Every Kinder loves his/her Mommy!  We prepared for Mother's Day by reading a book entitled, The Night Before Mother's Day.  The book gave us lots of wonderful ideas!  We made beautiful heart presents; poems and drawings.  We used our poems and drawings to create a beautiful class book.  Please click on the link to read!

Jackie the Snail

One day recently the Kinders came in from outdoor play with great excitement.  Leah had discovered a shell, which we thought was empty.  We placed the shell into a magnifying container and put it aside for later.  Off we went to library and the room was dark and quiet.  When we returned we had a surprise waiting for us, a visitor was poking her head out of the shell.  We became the proud Kinder parents of a sweet little snail.  All sorts of questions came about, but the most important was: what will she need?  We found an empty terrarium for her in the cupboard and started to add things to it that we thought she would like: (e.g., grass, a rock, grapes, dandelions, drops of water).  We discovered that she likes to travel throughout the terrarium, so we covered it with plastic. 
The next day we thought she would need a name.  We gathered all the different ideas for names and then we voted.  In the end the winning name was Jackie.  A perfectly fitting name for a snail, don't you think?

Today we started to read more about snails in a non-fiction text.  The children know that we can get real information from a non-fiction text.  We looked at the content page and decided what we should read about.

The Kinders have lots of questions about Jackie:
Why are snails different colours? (Connar)
Why do they come out in the rain? (Devin)
Why do they eat with their tongue? (Sean)
How do they play video games? (Colin)

As we read more about snails we will hopefully discover all the answers to our burning questions.